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About us


With over 25 years of live entertainment logistics, We are the supreme choice of logistics partner in Scandinavia for your shipment, our top of the range network worldwide is as we, on the top of everything regardless if it’s a Saturday late night loadout or meeting your tour bus in New York airport, our mission is to bring your equipment to were it’s supposed to be at the right time, and we will not fail you! We believe that a successful shipment needs dedication and dedicated solution is the only way to do it!

…dedication where ever you are in the world.


We are a one partner solution, We collect from your rehearsal or storage space, pack it securely on to pallets, fly it to your destination, unpack and deliver on time to your venue. Same thing if its on the way back after the tour is dusted and done, we collect from the venue, pack it securely on pallets and move it to the next location.

And as someone once said ”its better to have an extra bag of clothes than to hand-carry my instruments”.


The trucks will take your gear to the next location safe and sound, we will monitor it and with the best drivers you don’t need to worry, you will travel safely with us no matter if it’s symphony orchestra instruments, rock n roll backline or Exhibition goods.


We know you don’t like ATA carnets, we DO love them. We will take care of everything from ordering, keeping track of them adding more pages to them if needed and after they are done we return it to the Chamber.

It doesn’t need to be harder than that.


One or 40 ocean containers is not a problem, off course we are there to over watch the load, make sure if the strapping and humidity control is to everyone’s satisfaction.


Sometime there is just not time for airfreight, then we can arrange everything from a small propeller prop to a AN-225. Offcouse with someone onboard, and our offices taking care of all processes and transports on both sides if necessary.


We can arrange storage where ever you are. Most of our partners can assist with storage, for a week, month or longtime. We will help, just ask.


When you have a complex load out or splitting shipment after an event or a TV show. We can assist with knowledge and hands on knowledge.


jonas @ cfeur.se